We are directors of photography flying cinema tools. We operate Alexas and Reds as much as drones. We get involved and creative in the process, understanding style, mood, intention before framing and movement. Professional work is our priority but we value risk and adventures along the way. We know our technology, we use it to help create art with aerial motion picture. .



Patrick Coté is an outstanding drone operator. His interest for new technologies grew into a passion as early as drones existed. His aerial car commercial filming goes unmatched. He received numerous prizes over the years for his work with Tesla around the globe. His radar is always on for innovation and change making him a leader in the field. It is hard for us to think of a better balance between knowledge and talent.


Guillaume Beaudoin is a cinematographer, photographer and director. He cumulates thousands of hours flying on 5 continents. From the Great Pyramids to the tribes of Vanuatu or the very challenging offshore aerial filming with The Ocean Cleanup project, his efficiency to get the shot goes unsurpassed. His skills operating a drone with finess in a stressful situation is what make him stand apart.  Regardless of the type of assignment, he consistently delivers images carrying the essence of the project in an creative way.




David Marcotte has been DP'ing around North America for the last 10 years. Alternating between commercial, documentary and TV projects, he was an early adopter of aerial technologies to enrich his cinematography. From flying in Northern Canada directing his own adventure documentary project, to the Weshif series across Europe, he is a gold mine of experience droning in rough conditions. He is known to be a good listener getting along with different directors, but before anything he operates with a creative mindset aimed towards the common goal.